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Change Location: Tracy, CA More California info from LegalConsumer. California Bankruptcy. California Unemployment Law. California Student Loans. California Child Custody. California Inheritance Law. California Healthcare Directives. California Obamacare. California Democracy. California Lawyers. Functions relating to national forest establishment transferred to Division of Land Planning and Economy, and old designation restored, Correspondence and other records of Assistant Forester W.

Hall, Purchase, exchange, and donation cases, Condemnation cases for Regions , Records relating to the Northern Pacific Railroad land grant suit, Land acquisition correspondence, Correspondence, speeches, and articles by Leon F. Copies of legal documents, Land Utilization Project Michigan-2, Related Records: The series of deeds and related records, 50, formerly in the custody of the National Archives and carried as entry 81 of PI 18 Revised , was returned to the Forest Service on May 1, History: Established from Branch of Lands, Redesignated Division of Land Planning and Economy, Acquired functions relating to national forest establishment from Division of Land Acquisition and redesignated Division of National Forest Planning and Establishment, Further redesignated Division of Forest Land Planning, Abolished, Textual Records: Records of the wildland study, consisting of charts and maps documenting the extent of the "domesticated" and "wild" lands in the United States by state and county as of , conducted by the Division of Forest Land Planning.

Maps: State maps showing public land management agencies, 48 items ; recommended forest land ownership and management, including tabular data on ownership of natural areas, items ; and areas suitable for national forests, 23 items. United States maps showing distribution of wild and forest lands, 37 items ; population densities, , 4 items ; forestry recommendations prepared for the Lands Committee Report of the National Resources Board, 97 items ; forest land dependency, 30 items ; rural economic factors, 5 items ; and forest land resources and use, 6 items.

National forest land acquisition planning, , and accompanying historical charts of acquisition progress items. State maps, maps of national forest lands, and associated reports, tables, and reference data accompanying the Public Domain Report, 54 items. National forests, showing vacant public lands, 25 items ; additions and boundary changes, 41 items ; proposed national parks, 34 items ; grazing districts, 84 items ; purchase and planning units in IA, CA, TX, and NM, and n.

History: Established in January from the Division of Land Acquisition to administer land utilization projects transferred from the jurisdiction of the Soil Conservation Service to the Forest Service, December Abolished, , with functions to Division of Lands. See Textual Records: Land acquisition correspondence, Dropped or cancelled purchase and exchange cases, Records relating to flood control, erosion control, and land purchase projects, Records of projects submitted by the Soil Conservation Service to the Forest Service for approval "Submission and Approval" files , Correspondence, reports, and recommendations on land-use projects, Progress reports on title clearances, condemnation cases, and projects, History: Established by redesignation of Division of Land Acquisition, Acquired functions of Division of Land Utilization Projects, Split into Division of Land Adjustments See Textual Records: Correspondence and other records of predecessor units, 35 ft.

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Redesignated Division of Lands, Became Lands Staff, Textual Records: Annual statistical reports documenting national forest and other federally owned lands held or managed by the Forest Service, compiled to facilitate land ownership adjustments "Statistical Land Reports" , Records relating to the Crested Butte ski area investigation, Related Records: The series of deeds, judgments, and condemnations, , formerly in the custody of the National Archives and carried as entry 96 of PI 18 Revised , was returned to the Forest Service on May 1, History: Promotion of cooperative forestry on federal, state, and privately owned timberlands vested in Office of Forest Management, established ca.

To it were assigned, as branches, the former Offices of Farm Forestry and State Cooperative Fire Protection, the latter redesignated Fire Control and Distribution of Planting Stock; and, as a staff function, the compilation of state forestry laws. In reorganization of the Bureau of Public Relations was abolished, with its components becoming the State and Private Forestry Divisions.

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The Division of State Cooperation was transferred without change in name or function. Included in the initial organization was a Division of State Forest Purchase and Regulation redesignated Division of State Forestry, , but apparently not staffed until , when it was organized to consist of the Branch of Farm Forestry and the Prairie States Forestry Project, both transferred from the Division of Private Forestry. Textual Records: Consolidated central files of the divisions, Compilations of state forestry laws, History: Division of State Cooperation See Redesignated Cooperative Forestry Staff, Textual Records: Reports and correspondence regarding the examination of private forest land, Forest protection legislative files, Annual fire reports, Fire protection budget allocations, Fiscal records, Facility security program correspondence, Records of logging engineer Austin Cary, Redesignated Area Program and Development Staff, Abolished, with watershed protection and flood control functions to Cooperative Forestry Staff, Textual Records: Watershed management subject files, Drainage basin reports, Watershed and flood control project plans and reports, History: All research functions centralized in Branch of Research, established by Service Order 45, effective June 1, , pursuant to Secretary of Agriculture's Memorandum , March 10, The new branch coordinated and directed all silvicultural investigations See Branch abolished in the reorganization of that created the Forest Research Divisions.

Textual Records: Correspondence relating to basket willow investigations, ; eucalyptus experiments, ; and phenological investigations, Consolidated central files of forest research divisions, Reports of research investigations, Administrative and research files of the Forest Taxation Inquiry, concerning the relation of tax laws to timber growth and conservation, Carded "range notes" on national forests, Maps: Tree species distribution in North America, selected regions, and national forests, with accompanying card lists, items.

Tree species distribution in the United States, prepared for the Paris Exposition, ca. Assigned to newly established Branch of Silviculture, May Redesignated Office of Forest Investigations, Redesignated Office of Forest Experiment Stations, with responsibility for supervising research investigations at newly established forest experiment stations See Redesignated Office of Silvics, , and Division of Silvics, Textual Records: Correspondence and memorandums of the Office of Silvics, Correspondence relating to overcut lands, Maps: Latin American forest resources, 7 items.

Dendrologic investigations, 12 items. Loblolly pine diameter distribution graphs, 7 items. National forest insect control surveys, 7 items. History: Office of Forest Products established ca. Initially responsible for research in areas of wood preservation, chemistry, and utilization; forest measurement; and forest reserve engineering. Office of Forest Products redesignated Office of Wood Utilization and assigned to Branch of Products with research functions restricted to wood chemistry and wood uses. Acquired responsibility for national forest studies, July Separate Office of Wood Chemistry established, July Redesignated Office of Industrial Investigations, Redesignated Office of Forest Products, Redesignated Division of Forest Products, Maps: Production and consumption of lumber and lumber products in the United States, 3 items ; Canada, 1 item ; and globally, 1 item.

History: Established by redesignation of Division of Silvics, Acquired dendrological research functions of the abolished Division of Dendrology and Range Forage Investigations, Redesignated Division of Timber Management Research, Became Timber Management Research Staff, Textual Records: Correspondence relating to dendrology, , and to plant regeneration, Records relating to silviculture, Research program records, Records relating to special studies and reports on tree and plant diseases, insect infestations, and animal depredations, ; and to genetics, mensuration, and naval stores, History: Branch of Bioclimatics separated from Division of Silvics and assigned to newly established Division of Forest Influences, Branch of Flood Control added, Redesignated Division of Forest Environment Research, Became Forest Environment Research Staff, History: Section of Grazing established, March Acquired research functions, , with discrete Office of Grazing Studies responsible for forage investigations by Further redesignated Office of Range Research, Became Division of Range Research, Acquired range forage research functions of abolished Division of Dendrology and Range Forage Investigations, and redesignated Division of Range Management Research, Western Range Survey, 52 items.

General maps, 35 items. Range research in the United States, n. Textual Records: Annual progress reports, Entomological studies, Dendroctonus beetle studies, Reports, Survey reports and related correspondence, Responsible for centralized direction and support of research carried out by Office of Wood Preservation, established May from Office of Forest Products See Independent field activity since Conducts research into mechanical and physical properties of woods; develops wood preservation treatments, products, and derivatives; and develops uses for wood waste.

Textual Records: Correspondence and other general records, Research reports and studies on kiln drying, glues, wood fireproofing, wood as a colloid, and shrinkage control, , Photographic Prints: Research for the military on properties of wood, in album, WR, images. Camp records of 34 selected CCC camps, Maps: Emergency construction work sites, 1 item. CCC camp locations, 1 items. History: Field activities in support of forest reserves initially administered directly from Washington, DC, through the Office of Organization in the Branch of Operation, which had, by February , established three geographical districts headed by forest inspectors to provide local oversight of field work.

NV added to Western District, November Forest Service initially had authority to create forest reserves only from federal lands, principally in the west.

Weeks Act 36 Stat. Process centralized in District 7, established with headquarters in Washington, DC, Districts redesignated regions, Region 9 redesignated North Central Region, Region 7 divided, Southern and southwestern states assigned to new Southern Region, designated Region 8, with headquarters in Atlanta, GA. To accommodate new organization, Alaska Region redesignated Region All other areas under jurisdiction of Region 7 assigned to Region 9, redesignated Eastern Region.

Region 2 headquarters transferred to Lakewood, CO, Region 5 redesignated Pacific Southwest Region, Made part of autonomous regional system with headquarters in Missoula, MT, December 1, Made responsible for ND, January Lost responsibility for WY, June National forest regional activities with headquarters in ND terminated, Designated Northern District, Designated Region 1 Northern Region , Acquired ND from Region 9, Northeast WA transferred to Region 6, Records relating to the CCC, Records of emergency programs, Made part of autonomous regional system with headquarters in Denver, CO, December 1, Lost MN to District 1, March National forest regional activities with headquarters in KS terminated, December Designated Rocky Mountain District, Made responsible for western OK, formerly under District 7, National forest regional activities with headquarters in IL transferred from District 7, subsequently terminated, Designated Region 2 Rocky Mountain Region , Jurisdiction extended to KS, Headquarters transferred to Lakewood, CO, Textual Records in Denver : Records on land classification, boundaries, administrative sites, land use planning primarily for land in Colorado , and related records, Correspondence and reports evaluating CCC programs in Colorado, Range allotment management files for Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests, Maps in Denver : Maps and surveys relating to planting and appraisal projects, items.

Transportation planning maps, items. Range management and national forest original maps, items. Acquired responsibility for AR, January Made part of autonomous regional system with headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, December 1, Made responsible for FL, January Designated Southwestern District, Designated Region 3 Southwestern Region , Acquired northwest AZ from Region 4, Current jurisdiction is AZ and NM.

Textual Records in Denver : Central files, Directives, Transportation plans and maps, Textual Records in Denver : Land classification and special use case files, Directives, , Organizational charts and improvement studies, Records relating to advisory boards, committees, and agency publications, Reports relating to pesticide spraying projects, Acquired responsibility for southwestern NV, October Designated California District, Designated Region 5 California Region , Jurisdiction over southwest NV transferred to Region 4, Jurisdiction extended to HI, Designated Region 5 Pacific Southwest Region , Current jurisdiction is CA and HI.

Textual Records in San Francisco : Regional planning records, Records of the Regional Advisory Committee, October September , and of advisory committees concerned with grazing, pesticides, range management and improvement, brushland improvement, and other matters, Correspondence and emergency fire and flood records of the Division of Watershed Management, Special forest reports of the Timber Management Division, Records relating to control of forest insect pests, Report on unreserved areas in California recommended for acquisition by the Forest Service, Land status tabular records, , for plats described below under Maps.

Mineral claims study, Record of acquisition and sale of National Forest lands, Maps in San Francisco : General Land Office plats of California national forests, annotated to show land patents, ownership, and use, , and changes in land status, 71; and of Klamath National Forest, showing homestead entries, , and land status, exchange, and acquisition, 3, items. Newly organized national forests in northeast WA assigned to District 1, Made part of autonomous regional system with headquarters in Portland, OR, December 1, Designated North Pacific District, AK assigned to new District 8 Alaska District , Designated Region 6 North Pacific Region , Designated Region 6 Pacific Northwest Region , Acquired northeast WA from Region 1, Current jurisdiction is OR and WA.

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Textual Records in Seattle : Reports on inspections and audits of national forests, , Reports on the status of lands in former Crater National Forest, ca. Correspondence relating to visits by U. Roosevelt, Reports on meetings of regional foresters and National Forest supervisors, Speeches given by Regional Forester J.

Herbert Stone, Records relating to the administration of public works projects, Correspondence of the State and Private Forestry Division with other federal and state agencies, industrial associations, and private companies in OR and WA, Organizational studies, Organizational records, Publications, Special use administrative study, Assigned responsibility for PR, July Jurisdiction extended to AL and ME, Designated Eastern District, Assigned responsibility for PA, Jurisdiction over western OK transferred to District 2, IL transferred to District 2, Designated Region 7 Eastern Region , Jurisdiction extended to KY, , and eastern OK, PR transferred to Region 8, Acquired PR from Region 7, Restored to Region 8, Special use permit files, , and directives, , of the Gainesville, GA, Area Office, Fire inspection files, Correspondence and reports relating to the cooperative flood prevention program, Records relating to the Yazoo-Little Tallahatchee Project, consisting of annual reports of flood prevention projects, ; and annual tree planting reports, Designated Region 8 Alaska Region , Current jurisdiction is AK.

Historical files, , including a report on CCC activities in AK, ; records relating to the boundaries of Chugach and Tongass National Forests; records documenting cooperation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs; a history of defense and war activities, ; and annual work plans, Converse and Feather River Experiment Stations closed, Experiment stations removed from regional control and assigned to Branch of Research See Experiment Stations redesignated Forest Experiment Stations, Appalachian Forest Experiment Station See California Forest Experiment Station See An earlier field activity concerned solely with grazing research had opened as the Utah Experiment Station Ephraim, UT , Redesignated the Great Basin Experiment Station, , it operated under the jurisdiction of the Intermountain District District 4 until it closed, Textual Records in Seattle, except as noted : Publications, in Denver.

Recorder-County Clerk | San Joaquin County

Annual reports, Report on the Boise Flood of Zena Creek logging study, Paul, MN. Assumed direction of Cloquet Forest Experiment Station, which it absorbed, Central States Forest Experiment Station established, Allegheny Forest Experiment Station, established in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, ; redesignated a forest and range experiment station, ; absorbed by Northeastern Experiment Station, , which moved headquarters to Philadelphia, ; Upper Darby, , Broomall, , and Radnor, Textual Records: Publications and station papers primarily from the Orono, Maine station concerning various forestry experiments and studies, in Boston.

Correspondence, ; and reports, in Boston. Records of the Publications Group field office, Delaware, OH, consisting of printed copies of articles pertaining to forestry conservation, in Chicago. Acquired range research functions and redesignated a forest and range experiment station, Textual Records in Seattle : Forest fire data, including ranger diaries, weather and moisture records, annotated fire maps, and reports and studies of OR forest fires, Textual Records in San Francisco : Research hydrologist's watershed management soil surveys, Branch station inventories, Redesignated Southeastern Forest Experiment Station,