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If you complained about your eyes they had to send you to CuChi. I complained about my eyes and was duly sent to CuChi to get them checked. My complaint was the suns glare blinded me, and made my eyes water.

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The eye Doctor told me to wear sun glasses and sent me on my way. Jeez, not even an overnight? At the airfield they had guys signing a manifest for the flight back to Dau Tieng. I asked what would happen if they had more people than seats. The Flight Sgt.


I moved to the rear of the line, and didn't get a seat. I spent about a week at CuChi frequenting the EM clubs. I stood at the rear of the line, and signed the flight manifest everyday, just to stay legal. I ran into one guy in the casual barracks who had been there for weeks! I had thought he was dead. He was still there when I left. One day they put everyone in the casual barracks on a nasty detail. I had learned at Fort Polk about using my real name for these things.


I always had a fatigue shirt Just for this sort of thing with no name tag. I tried.


I can requisition the flight manifests as evidence if I have too. No further static over that, but I never was very popular around base camp. Wish I had been smart enough to figure out a scam to get me to Saigon. Comments: Bill like your story wasent the Army good.

It shur got better in Nam I even learned a new job in the Army but was put out of worke buy flush toilets. Life is fun now we are old and still think about all the good times and the good friends we have but we have to remember the ones we lost. It is nice to be with best people a Nam Vet. Comments: Oh, I remember well the "shit burning detal".

Haemoglobin Anopathy Screen

I was assigned to do it the first time on my 21st birthday. Maybe that is why I was traumatized in Vietnam. My 21st birthday party involved the detail! Tomorrow marks the 35th anniversary of the battle at FSB Burt. It seems like only yesterday! May God Bless you all! Everytime we came in from an operation CJ would play that 8 reel tape over and over.

Years later, I think of that tape and the "new" songs we had not heard of. ThAT radio show tape made me homesick, but it was also nice to have a touch of home. AT the moment, cannot remember other songs but most I liked and hearing Bruce Morrow"s rich voice, made me forget the reality of NAM for a short time and remember the fun of chasing girls and occasionally scoring.

It made me think back to my youth and the drunker I got, the the girl in the corner kept looking better. Oh the rounds have stopped, i guess i should put some dry clothes on. Hey where did i leave that bottle? Dam the gooks. Winchester cathederal is now playing. Oh it is not a dream, I am in NAM.

How to Mark an Entire Gmail Inbox as Read

That radio show tape made me homesick, but it was also nice to have a touch of home. Oh the rounds have stopped, I guess I should put some dry clothes on. Hey where did I leave that bottle? I recall several guys had tapes sent from their home towns. Local DJs were pretty good about sending actual tapes of shows, or making special recording tapes Which didn't have commercials, which I actually missed; but the patter was a little raunchier for the troops in 'Nam.

I had two for years. Both from Chicago, of course. Comments: I don't mean to intrude on your website, but I ran across it and wanted to say that you guys really did a lot of good in Nam. We rode with some of the PCs while there on missions. We were there in 66 and Went over on the boat, etc.

Keep up the good work on your site. Welcome Home Brothers!!!!! Comments: Daymon, No intrusion at all. Thanks for visiting our new web site. Did you go over on the Walker with the 3rd Bgde of the 4th Inf. I did. What a tub! Thanks for your comments Brother. Comments: Bill, Naw, they probably were laughing so hard that they simply forgot to fire. Comments: Hello to all, It is a pleasure to be a part of such a proud unit, The Triple Duce in Vietnam I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to one of our members.

I was at a loss!

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I having my second heart attack and not being allowed to go back to work. After 26 years of driving and delivering new cars to dealerships all over the USA. I did not know what I could do. To make a long story short I had reached the end of my time as I saw it and my future was short. Then came my contact with Magnet. Norman came to my aid, he saw that I needed the help of a professional and after many emails and telephone conversations I went to the VA.

I was on the right path, receiving the help that I needed for so many years.

Waskom tx local news

Norman even went to the extreme of dredging up the memories of Fire Support Base Burk, and sending a notarized letter to the VA in my behalf. As anyone that knows Norman to this date will not take credit of looking out for his men he still thinks it is a normal thing to do.

Well I am here to let all our members know that I for one will never forget him or what he did for me in nam and after.

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Thank God for you and bless you and yours. Bent Bumper I will let Norman explain this. Comments: Mario verry nice site. Please contact me. See you all in Texas in Oct.

Comments: Hello Triple Deucer,s looks like this is going to be a nice site. Watch the green beer. Clark B Co. Comments: As a Vietnam Vet and now having a son in harms way I ask for your prayers for all our troops, and our President. I for one will not be watching any Hollywood pat me on the back, look at me I am a celebrity award show.

Nor will I be listening to any Dixie Chick songs. God Bless the USA. Comments: Its been 35 years since my father was KIA.