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A skilled Denver sex crimes attorney can ensure that you satisfy the requirements and properly complete the paperwork to have your name removed from the sex offender registry. After you have submitted your petition to the court, a hearing will be scheduled. At that hearing, a judge will decide if you can be removed from the sex offender registry.

Taking Action

If the judge rules in your favor, he or she will sign an Order to Discontinue Sex Offender Registration. For Colorado residents, no fee is required for filing your petition with the court.

Sex Offender and Other Covered Offender Info

Copying fees may be charged for some of the documents that may be required. If you are charged with a sex crime, get aggressive legal help immediately. Prosecutors in Colorado take sex offenses seriously, and defendants are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In that situation, your best hope for staying out of jail — and for staying off the sex offender registry — is to be represented by an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer. If your freedom and future are on the line, do not wait. Reach out at once for the legal help you need.

Denver criminal defense lawyer Daniel M. Murphy provides clients in the Denver area with aggressive and sympathetic legal representation. He graduated from the University of Denver Law School in and worked as a public defender before starting his own practice in He has defended clients accused of the most difficult criminal and alcohol-related charges. He also serves as a Moot Court Judge for Denver-area law students who rely on his mentorship. You are required to register as a sex offender in Colorado if: You were convicted on or after July 1, , of a sexual offense in Colorado.

You were convicted on or after July 1, , in another state or federal jurisdiction of a crime that would have constituted a sexual offense in Colorado.

Sex Offender Registration and Failure to Register FAQs

Or on or after July 1, , you were convicted of, or released after completing a sentence for, the commission of or the attempt to commit a sexual offense. The only way to fully restore your civil rights is to receive an unconditional pardon from the Nevada Board of Pardons. It may or may not relieve you of all disabilities incurred upon conviction.

It will, however, remove the obligation to notify the state of Nevada when you move and to provide an annual verification form to the Criminal History Repository. If you are a Tier III offender, termination of the duty to register will also remove your name from the portion of the registry searchable by the public. To learn more about how a pardon can restore your gun rights, please see our article on pardons and restoring your Nevada gun rights. If you are required to register with the Nevada sex offender registry and are interested in petitioning for early termination or a pardon, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.

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One of our compassionate Reno or Las Vegas, Nevada criminal defense lawyers will get back to you promptly to help determine your eligibility and get you started. The attorneys at Shouse Law Group bring more than years collective experience fighting for individuals. We're ready to fight for you. Shouse Law Defense Group has multiple locations throughout California.

The best thing to do is have a conversation with us...

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    Sex Offender Registry - State Bureau of Identification - Delaware State Police

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