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  1. How to … transfer your data to a new phone
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  4. How did I edit my Internet Explorer Favorites in my Nokia Lumia 635 phone?

How to … transfer your data to a new phone

Marking a contact as a favorite is easy, just tap on a contact's name, then select the "star" icon up at the top of the contact card. You'll then be able to see a combination of these favorite contacts and your frequently contacted people from the "Favorites" tab of the People app. The useful part about this People app is being able to sync your favorites across devices using your Google account. Make sure that you're syncing your Google contacts to your phone, and maybe even consider using Google Contacts as your centralized database for ease of backup and syncing between devices.

This way any changes you make to your contacts or favorites on one device will make their way to your other Google Account-connected devices as well.

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If you have a phone that has replaced the Google app with its own , the process is much the same. Make sure that you're using your Google account as the primary syncing system for your contacts, and mark the contacts you wish to have as favorites.

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  • How to … transfer your data to a new phone.
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Even though you're not using the official "People" app, your contacts will be synced back to Google much the same. Some of these apps may try to sync to a different service or the phone's internal storage by default, so be sure to double check where you're syncing so that you don't lose any data.

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We realize that many of you have already mastered the intricacies of syncing your contacts and denoting which are your favorites, so maybe this will remind you to make that "audit" on an unnecessarily growing contacts list you have. Carriers know that done right, RCS offers new business opportunities.

We just have a different definition of right than carriers do.

Nokia NBU Explorer

What makes a good phone case? A great design, ample protection, and a low price. Before we start to transferring items we need to make some preparation. First of all, please download and install Syncios Data Transfer on your computer and your phones. Under the help of Syncios, you can manage your data more convenient.

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If they are not, click ' Flip ' to change their positions. Tips: When using Wi-Fi connection, please make sure your phone and computer are in the same network. Choose the contents you want to transfer to Nokia 8 Contents you forbid syncios to access to will show in grey. Then, click ' Next ' to achieve one click transfer.

Open a bookmark

Wait till complete. Step 1. Step 2. Once the system finish to synchronize your Nokia 8, the backup file you have made before will show on the left panel.

Step 3. Select the backup file you made before of your old samsung device , then click ' Next ' and wait till complete.

How did I edit my Internet Explorer Favorites in my Nokia Lumia 635 phone?

You can also transfer these items within Android and iOS! Support all Android Phones and Tablets. Phone to Phone transfer directly.